ARCHIVE: Christmas honours to be conferred

On 25 November 2020, His Majesty Munroe I announced he would be conferring honours right in time for Christmas. His Majesty will formally give out, en masse, the titles and awards on 23 December 2020.

Some of the awards Munroe will be conferring this holiday are:

  • Order of Atiera
  • Knighthood of Atiera
  • Orders of the Crowned Stars

This is the first of many annual ceremonies that will happen only twice a year. One in the winter and one in the summer. However, His Majesty may choose to give an award to anyone he wishes at any time. The list of recipients will not be made public until the day of the cerimony for awarding respected citizens, visitors or foreign diplomats.

Many other nations have similar traditions in which they give out titles and awards, some more or less than others, such as Atiera.