ARCHIVE: Constitution Revamp Underway

ALEXANDRA HILL – On Saturday, 5 December 2020, A quick referendum was held on the server of Atiera with the question,

"Should we re-write the constitution?"

- Referendum on 5 December 2020 

The poll opened at 11:36 PM EST and lasted until 1 AM EST on Sunday, 6 December 2020. The referendum was held after the Prime Minister, Christopher Miller, suggested the constitution of Atiera be severely amended or completely rewritten. The suggestion was proposed in the early days of Miller’s term. He noted that many of the the elements of the current constitution are irrelivant or useless.

After the referendum, a constitutional tribunal was formed with the intent of citizens being allowed to contribute to the constitution. The current tribunal consits of:

  • HM Munroe I
  • HRH Michael I
  • Rt. Honourable Christopher Miller
  • Mr. Benjamin Pickles
  • Mr. David Augustus
  • Mr. Isaiah Burdette
  • Mr. James Chang

The new constitution is still in very early stages and is expected to take a while due to His Majesty expecting to move houses this upcoming Tuesday, 15 December, 10 days before the Christmas holiday. During His Majesty’s transition period any and all power will temporairly be transfered to Prime Minister Miller for 3 days, starting on 14 December and ending on 16 December.

Although time is moving on quickly, His Majesty wishes to finish the new constitution by the new year and have it ratified by at least 1 Febuary 2021.