ARCHIVE: Parliament debates exit from the Cupertino Alliance

On the 24 January 2020, members of the House of Commons debated Atiera exiting the well know micronational developmental organization, the Cupertino Alliance.

Atiera has been a member of the Cupertino Alliance since 7 July 2020, where their services and programs have dissapointed His Majesty in the first few months of joining. Some of the original programs, such as the Windhoek program meant to gather and keep a record of micronational citizens, remain unmonitored. The only real program that’s been to the Kingdom’s use? The North Linconshire program, meant to provide free graphic design services to the member states of the Cupertino Alliance, had designed one of the first full coat of arms for Atiera

At Parliament on 24 January, the house voted on the departure from the Cupertino Alliance. With 1 vote to remain, 3 votes to withdraw and 2 votes abstaining, His Majesty, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister will continue to further debate the Kingdom’s departure from the Cupertino Alliance.