Atiera appoints its first foreign ambassador

 On 17 April 2021, HSH Sir Michael Shepard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, officially appointed the Kingdom of Atiera's first foreign ambassador. Appointed to the role of Ambassador to the Netherlands was the Honorable Ralf M.M. Stultiëns, who, alongside serving as Ambassador to the Netherlands for many micronations, also serves as the deputy mayor of Nuenen, a town famous for being the residence of Vincent van Gogh from 1883 to 1885.

Mr. Stultiëns was awarded a certificate by His Serene Highness commemorating his nomination.

His Serene Highness issued a statement following the ambassador's appointment:
It is the utmost privilege to nominate Mr. Stultiën to his post. I believe that he will carry out the task well, as does the Prime Minister. I hope that this is only the beginning of a bright Atieran future for relations with macronations.