Military exercise in Brayton Plains concluded

Cezar walking through Brayton Plains

     BRAYTON PLAINS - On 29 April 2021, King Munroe I along with Major General Cameron Cezar from His Majesty's Atieran Foot Guard regiment of the Royal Army embarked on a field training exercise in the Brayton Plains to scout for and establish campsites within the seigneury. Carrying few tools and equipment, at around 2:00 pm EST, Munroe and Cezar set out through the bush to find a location to build a shelter at. 40 minutes later, the team found a suitable location to build inside of the seigneury of Brayton Plains. They collected resources from the surrounding environment to build a bed out of tree branches.

Construction of the bed made of branches

Although they both report success in the exercise, King Munroe I suffered a minor injury during the construction of the bed, while he was sawing through a branch. A full recovery is expected.
The injury Munroe had suffered

Alongside construction, both of them hiked from the Seigneury of Brayton Plains to the Seigneury of Alexandra Hill, the capital of Atiera. Atop the hill, they constructed a small fire in a tin can to reheat a can of maple bacon flavoured beans. Rain was present throughout the exercise, rendering any wood or kindling wet, causing unfavourable and poor conditions to ignite a fire. Despite their attempts to reheat the beans, they gave up and ate them cold. 

Reheating the beans at the peak of Alexandra Hill

His Majesty Munroe I provided a statement to the Atieran Advance.
The beans were not that great, and they were cold.

Photo of the beans provided by Munroe I