The Atieran Constitution is amended

Following a public referendum, His Majesty the King gave assent to a series of amendments to the Constitution. These amendments were authored by HSH Sir Michael Shepard, Prince of Galte, who also serves as Speaker of the House of Commons. This was the first time that the Constitution has been amended since its passage in January.

The following changes were made:

  • Article I, Section 1(a) was amended to read: "The territory of the Kingdom of Atiera is to consist of the provinces of which are to be outlined on an official map regulated by any Ministry as designated by the monarch of Atiera, as the land is subject to change rapidly."
  • Article I, Sections 1(bc) were struck.
  • Article IV, Section 2 was amended to read: "The House of Commons is to consist of no more than two members for each Seigneury."
  • Article IV, Section 10 was struck.
    • All sections following were renumbered accordingly.
  • Article IV, Section 13(b) was struck.
  • Article IV, Section 14(c) was added, and reads: "This power also extends to Regional Orders passed by the Seigneur of any of the Kingdom of Atiera’s seigneuries."
The amended, current Constitution is linked above. The Constitution as it read at the time of its passage can be found here.