Desert District and Atiera sign first physical treaty

Signed copy of the treaty 

ALEXANDRA HILL - In a new take on how micronations conduct diplomacy, on 22 May 2021, First Secretary James Bornstein of Desert District sent two physical copies of a treaty of mutual recognition between Desert District and Atiera to His Majesty Munroe I to sign. 

It had been decided that the representative from Atiera, Munroe I, would keep a signed copy and he would sign and return the second copy back to the representative from Desert District, James Bornstein. On 1 June 2021, the first copy of the treaty arrived at the residence of the King, Highcroft Place. Munroe signed the treaty around 11:30 EST, officially ratifying the treaty between the two nations. 

James Bornstein provided media with an official statement on his thoughts about this concept of sending treaties by mail:

I think that especially in the time of COVID-19 where in-person meetups have proved to be difficult, sending physical treaties is a great way to bring nations together. As good as pasting an image of your signature on a Google Doc is, there’s nothing comparable to a real pen and paper.

The King also released a statement on the matter:
Desert District is a wonderful nation and this new and innovative concept of sending treaties and letters by mail is an excellent idea in the age of the internet and its influence on micronationalism and how micronations conduct diplomacy. Atiera would be willing to continue this as we continue to strive for professionalism and autonomy.

Talks have also been started with Tucker I of Oskonia about a similar letter being sent to Atiera. He contacted the King after he saw the announcement on the official Atieran Discord server.

A digital scan of the treaty can be viewed here below.