Atieran citizens are soon to head to the polls - here's what you need to know before the election


Portraits of the three major party leaders - from left to right, Tucker Gladden, William Cooper, James Bornstein

Citizens of Atiera will head to the polls in 5 days to select the new Prime Minister of Atiera. Currently, the seats are the most contested by the Atieran National Front, which is contesting 5 seats. They are followed by the Atieran People's Union and the Atieran Moderate Coalition, with 3 seats being contested by each party. Independent candidates also contest 4 seats. 

Here's what you need to know about each party contesting seats in the election.

Atieran National Front: The Atieran National Front is a big tent party that advoates for royalism and classical secessionism. They are dedicated to keeping the House of Munroe in power, according to the party's charter. Their foreign policy includes requirements to establish diplomatic relations with Atiera, including: being over 6 months old, having a stable and active government, being opposed to war, etc. Their leader is Tucker Gladden, a micronational politician active in places like Atiera, Australis, and Novus Hierosolymis, who rose to power after the No Confidence bill he wrote against Isaiah Burdette that led to the 3 PMs incident. He eventually became the chairman of the ANF after Christopher Miller left the position of Chairman to him.

Atieran People's Union: The Atieran People's Union is a left-wing party that advocates for the common person, according to their charter. Their economic policy includes creating Atiera-branded merchandise as a way to boost the economy of Atiera. Their charter does not include anything about foreign policy, but it does include a domestic policy, which reads, "The APU shall advocate for the introduction and expansion of anti-hate legislation designed to protect citizens from hate crimes and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, wealth, and socio-economic background." Their leader is William Cooper, current Leader of the Opposition. He also serves as Grand Duke of Moletopia and Vishwamitran Ambassador to Canada. It is unknown whether he founded the party, and it is also unknown when he became leader of the party.

Atieran Moderate Coalition: According to their charter, the Atieran Moderate Coalition is a big tent party "designed to unite those in Atiera with moderate views anywhere from center-left to center-right." They believe that there is "no such thing" as too much activity within Atiera, and as such, they advocate for maximizing activity and outreach of Atiera. They, like the APU, advocate for donations to the Kingdom's government through Atiera's Patreon page. The AMC is also opposed to hyper-partisanship, saying that "we must as a nation join together to advance Atiera collectively." Their leader is James Bornstein, a micronational politician involved in places like Desert District, where he serves as First Secretary. He founded the AMC on 31 May 2021 and wrote a charter on 11 June 2021.

Here are all of the current candidates running in the election.

For Alexandra Hill East:
Daniel Hamilton - Independent
Isaiah Burdette - Independent

For Alexandra Hill West:
James Bornstein - AMC

For Brayton Plains North:
Jan Munoz - ANF
Aleksandr Kulisov - APU

For Brayton Plains South:
Tucker Gladden - ANF

For Haliburton East:
None running

For Haliburton West:
Christopher Miller - ANF
John Lakes - Independent

For Hamilton North:
Evan Paul - ANF
David Augustus - Independent

For Hamilton West:
William Cooper - APU

For Vue sur la Riviere:
Sander Koff - ANF

For Gaia:
Rory McPhail - AMC
Carson Snyder - APU

For Galte (appointed seat):
Michael Shepard - AMC

It's going to be an exciting race this year, and we are all excited to see the results.