BREAKING - Prime Minister Burdette resigns after motion of no confidence is filed

Front cover of the document

ALEXANDRA HILL - On the eve of 11 July 2021, a motion of no confidence against Atieran National Front Chairman and former Prime Minister, Isaiah Burdette was publicly announced by Tucker Gladden on the ANF party server. The four-page motion of no confidence included multiple reasons as why to Isaiah Burdette has failed as Prime Minister and party leader of the ANF, the dominant party since the formation of Atiera's first Parliament back in January 2021. With just less than a fortnight until the election, the document supported by party members, citizens and even the King himself didn't take lightly to Burdette's mistakes, citing his incompetence to lead the party and his lack of work in the Parliament and Cabinet. During his tenure as PM, Burdette hosted zero cabinet meetings and proposed an astonishingly low number of only three bills to the House of Commons. 

Shortly after the vote started, Burdette appointed former Prime Minister Christopher Miller as deputy chairman of the Atieran National Front, making him the successor to the prime ministership and party chairmanship when he resigned soon after. 

40 minutes into the Miller administration, Christopher Miller resigned, making Tucker Gladden the new Prime Minister. 

As this story develops, the Atieran Advance will continue to publish updates.