Tucker Gladden named Atiera's fourth Prime Minister

Prime Minister Gladden in May 2021

ALEXANDRA HILL - Following the events of the political crisis on 11 July, Atiera went through three different prime ministers, Isaiah Burdette, Christopher Miller and now Tucker Gladden. The crisis started when a motion of no confidence was filed by the Atieran National Front party spokesman Tucker Gladden and Secretary of Information for the ANF, Christopher Miller, earlier in the night. The four-page document called out former Prime Minister Burdette for his lack of work and competence to run both the party and the state. After Burdette saw the document, he resigned, putting former Prime Minister Christopher Miller in charge of the party, making him the prime minister until he resigned 47 minutes later, putting Tucker Gladden in charge as Atiera's fourth prime minister.

We caught up with Tucker Gladden to ask him some questions about his sudden rise to power in Atiera.

Q: How do you feel about this entire situation? 

A: "Well, being the one that started the whole situation, I'm proud of how it turned out. Writing that motion was tiring, but, in the end, we got rid of one of the laziest politicians in micronational history, that being Mr. Isaiah Burdette. He had his ousting coming for him! As stated in my bill of no confidence, he doesn't do anything. He doesn't hold cabinet meetings, he doesn't know how scheduling works, and he doesn't know how to run a cabinet. That being said, I'm happy with the turnout of the situation."

Q: How do you think this situation will impact your party's performance in the upcoming election?

A: "Well, it'll have an impact alright. There's pros and cons. Some cons are that we lost 2 party members, that being Mr. Burdette and Mr. Shepard. To be honest, I'm more than glad that Burdette's gone. He left a negative impact on the ANF. Mr. Shepard, that was a huge loss. He's the Prince of Galte and he's a guaranteed seat in Parliament, so to lose him to the AMC was big for the ANF's future. He disclosed that the reason he left was because he refused to be under another Burdette administration. So, with that, we will automatically have less chances of winning more seats. A lot of our seats are contested, mostly by APU members. So, yes, it will affect our performance, but we're going to do our best to defeat the APU."

Q: If you're re-elected as Prime Minister, what will you accomplish during your term?

A: "If I am re-elected, I will make sure that the ANF's reputation is brought back up, as Mr. Burdette has shattered our party's reputation. I will also actually hold cabinet meetings every week. Again, something Mr. Burdette did not do. I will make sure that every Atieran is proud of their citizenship here. There has, recently, been a lack of national pride in Atiera. I will make sure to bring the pride of the Atierans back up, as I love seeing national pride and people who are proud of their nation. I will also do everything that I can to improve the Atieran economy and make businesses want to register with us. After all, I was the creator of the business registration form. Overall, I plan to do better than Burdette ever did, better than Miller ever did, and better than Shepard ever did."